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Computer Lab Procedures

1.              Drinks and food are not allowed in the computer lab.

2.              Gum is allowed only if it is in your mouth or the trash can.

3.              Enter quietly and go directly to your assigned workstation.

4.              Log on to your computer so you are ready when class begins.

5.              DO NOT plug in or unplug anything on the back of the computers.

6.              All equipment (computer, printer, etc.) is for school assignments only.

7.              You may use the headset jack and USB plugs on the front of the computer for classroom activities.

8.              Immediately report any damage to computers, equipment, or furniture.

9.              Keep your work area clean. Close books and stack neatly. Throw away trash.

10.        You may talk quietly to students seated next to you. You may not talk to students across the room.

11.        Wait for Mrs. Douglas to dismiss class.

12.        Push in your chair at the end of class.

13.        All school rules are enforced in the computer Lab.

 Work Smart, not Hard

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